San Soo in UFC 2

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San Soo in UFC 2

Postby Captain America » Fri Jun 01, 2007 7:27 pm

I just recently came across a description of the first San Soo man to participate in the UFC back in 1994. The format of this UFC was different than the first and all that followed. Only one of the preliminary fights (Royce Gracie) was televised.

The Thaddeus Luster fight was one of these preliminary fights. Here is what the Captain found:

4th Match ? Freek Hamaker (Sambo) vs. Thaddeus Luster (San-Su Kung Fu)
Another Kung Fu master enters the Octagon, this time in the form of the strangely tranquil Thaddeus Luster, who proclaims himself a 7th degree black belt in his art. Remember when hearing of such credentials was enough to make a mere mortal gasp in awe? Luster actually looks like he is attempting to become the real-life doppelganger for ?Bruce Leroy? from the martial-arts classic, ?The Last Dragon?, as he wears the stereotypical black Kung Fu Master outfit and appears so serene and focused that I wouldn?t doubt for a second that he could catch a fly with his tongue, to say nothing of a pair of chopsticks. Across the Octagon from Luster stands a stocky Dutchman in a red gi top who represents the Russian style of Sambo. I have been informed by Rick James himself that Mr. Hamaker has *never* achieved the rank of ?Superfreek?, so anybody who tells you otherwise is lying to your face and deserves your scorn. The two men grapple immediately and Luster actually gets a takedown on Hamaker using the traditional Kung Fu technique of a hair pull combined with a leg trip. Hamaker quickly reverses the position on the ground and achieves the full mount. Working for an armlock from the mount, Hamaker becomes unbalanced and Luster quickly regains his feet to the cheers of the crowd. The cheering only intensifies when Hamaker takes Luster back to the mat with a picturesque throw over his hip, this time landing in the side-mount position. Freek quickly assumes the full mount and throws some sissified hammer-fist blows and goes briefly to a keylock before throwing more limp punches. Hamaker returns to the keylock after his barrage and finally does score the tapout in an unremarkable fight that offered only more bad news for the editors of ?Kung Fu Magazine?.

The URL for the location of this excerpt is
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Re: UFC 2

Postby San Soo Sifu » Sat Nov 19, 2011 3:32 pm

San Soo Kung Fu was a particular Kung Fu style based on throws, pressure points, and strikes to vulnerable areas (as well as other principles) pioneered by martial artist Jimmy Haw Woo.

It was represented at UFC 2 by Thaddeus Luster, who supposedly had a seventh-degree black belt in the art. His opponent was Dutch sambo practitioner and pornography theater owner Freek Hamaker (although sources online list his name as "Frank," it is listed as "Freek" in the pay-per-view, so who knows).

To Luster's credit, he did actually managed to take Hamaker down with a hair-pull trip but the position was reversed immediately and Luster eventually lost via submission.

San Soo was never represented in the Octagon again. Fortunately for the martial art, its poor showing has essentially been erased from existence; this fight is another that is among the several "lost fights" that weren't part of the UFC 2 pay-per-view or DVD. Thus, it may be lost to the ages.

Not even a picture of Luster exists; a blurry picture of his opponent will have to suffice. ... on/page/12
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Re: UFC 2

Postby bigpappa » Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:03 pm

Actually, Jon Hess fought in UFC 5; and although represented SAFTA, it is San Soo based so it sort of counts...
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