This art has so much to offer!

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This art has so much to offer!

Postby unstpabl1 » Thu Dec 27, 2007 11:19 pm

I am glad to see some new posts here. Though I couldn't testify in court, because I never met either one of you; but I know Captain America (Steve Rogers) and San Soo Sifu are not the same person. Because you know things about me that The Sifu doesn't know, or didn't know. And, I know why! Anyway, I love the videos that you post; and the help I have been given here. Heck, I liked the old TMI forum; and Josh Raha's old site. I actually hope this board thrives; as well as Kung-Fu San Soo, and that the community gets focused on honing this as a RBSD system (Reality Based Self Defense). I think my favorite self defense books are by Master Greg Jones. This art has so much to offer!
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