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Q & A with the Sifu!

Postby San Soo Sifu » Tue Jun 12, 2007 4:28 pm

Questions & Answers with San Soo Sifu

Question # 1. Does San Soo advocate using your body weight for each strike?

Answer: Yes. Body Weight + Correct Body Alignment + Power Mechanics + Proper Breathing + Concentration = POWER!

Question # 2. Does San Soo teach that the striking limb (whether it be the arm or the leg) is to be bent for added power?

Answer: Yes. A completely straightened punching arm or kicking leg will rob a person of power, and increase the risk of accidentally hyper-extending a joint, i.e., the knee joint or the elbow joint.

Question # 3. Using San Soo methods, how can I increase my striking power?

Answer: Body Weight + Correct Body Alignment + Power Mechanics + Proper Breathing + Concentration = POWER!

Question # 4. How does San Soo teach one to use and develop the "Fut Ga;" the "Predator Mindset?"

Answer: Read Master Greg Jones' book entitled "Predator Training: The Inner Beast of San Soo." While you're at it, read Master Greg Jones' first book entitled "Sudden Violence: The Art of San Soo."

Question # 5. Does San Soo use mainly rotational movements for striking?

Answer: Yes, for those techniques that call for rotational (circular) movements. For techniques that call for linear power, then no.

Question # 6. Would San Soo be a good add-on for Krav Maga?

Answer: You would need to train in both, and then decide for yourself.

Question # 7. What is San Soo's view on ground fighting? Does it have it? What are the principles used for it, etc.?

Answer: Yes, Kung-Fu San Soo has ground fighting techniques. We view that getting up off of the ground as quickly as possible is generally a good idea, due to the possibility of multiple opponents in any given situation. San Soo practitioners would prefer to be the person standing up over their fallen opponent and kicking the snot out of him. We use the PAIN & DAMAGE principle, i.e., cause as much pain and damage as quickly as possible to get back up to your feet and finish off your opponent, or get the heck out of Dodge! We will use strikes, joint breaks, and strangulations (chokes) to inflict the maximum amount of pain and damage, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of effort. In other words, we will NOT play a contest game of pitting our skill against our opponent's skill in a "submission grappling match" to see who has the better grappling skills. However, should a joint lock (or choke) fall into place, and naturally flow into the situation, we will certainly BREAK that particular joint!

Question # 8. Does San Soo offer "hard core" techniques that are designed to devastate and/or kill the attacker?

Answer: Yes.

Question # 9. Does San Soo teach modern weapons fighting (ASP Baton, Straight Baton, Side-Handle Baton, etc., and Knife) and disarming?

Answer: Yes.

Question # 10. How valid are the disarming techniques? Have they worked before in the past?

Answer: Yes. A word of caution; a note of reality. Be prepared to be cut. Be prepared to bleed. Be prepared to die. There are no guarantees in life, except death. Anyone who would teach and train their students that any and all knife disarming techniques somehow make you invincible and impervious to being cut by the blade is an instructor you should avoid at all costs. Luckily for us, a true knife professional will never show you the blade, he will kill you when you are not looking. That means if you see the blade, then you are not dealing with a professional; i.e., soldier, assassin, spy, etc. So, you have a better than average chance if you have trained hard, trained properly, and trained often. Also, do not become fixated on the weapon; whether or not you are defending against it, or attacking with it. Remember, you still have two legs and another arm; and so does your opponent!
Hit First...Hit Hard...Hit Often...and Finish Him Off!
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