Kyle Olsen

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Kyle Olsen

Postby Timothy » Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:02 pm

A professional fighter sits side by side with students, most of which have no idea.

Kyle Olsen, engineering major, is a professional fighter who specializes in the Kung Fu San Soo and Brazilian Jujitsu fighting styles.

Olsen, small in frame but mighty in heart, takes on a tremendous load that many find difficult to fathom. "I'm currently taking 21 units in college" he says as he walks to spar with a partner.

Additionally, he also works a full time job (that often requires him to travel), trains for several hours each day and competes in mixed martial arts competitions on a professional level.

In his spare time, he instructs students in martial arts classes, attends church and tours high schools to give demonstrations known as "Prevention Before Intervention." The presentation serves to reduce fights at the schools, and has been highly successful.

"On a normal weekly schedule for Monday through Friday, I am busy from five in the morning to midnight. There is no time, there's barely time to eat, there's no time to rest" Olsen shares.

To start Olsen's day, he runs, does yoga, and then leaves for work. During his lunch break, he goes to boxing classes at Millennia MMA Training Center. After work, he heads to the gym again to train for several hours, alternating through different martial arts styles at one-hour intervals.

It's a wonder how he does it, and why. When questioned on why he fights on top of everything else, Olsen explains, "You're more free. You're entertaining the crowd but when the cage closes, the bell rings, nothing exists but you and your opponent." It's this freedom that drives him to keep going, do better, get further, and train harder.

This is his life, his passion. Olsen began fighting when he was 10 years old, started competing in tournaments when he was 13, and participated in his first MMA tournament when he was 16.

He has been fighting on the professional level for three years now. He has won the Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Championship lightweight world title belt, and defended it five times. His current goal is to break into UFC.

His intense regime pays off though; he discloses, "The harder you train, the more you sweat, the more you bleed, the more you cry, the more black eyes you walk out with in training; your training's harder than the fight."

Maybe that's why he can handle it all; he's trained for it.

To see Olsen in action, or to see a live MMA competition, go to the Gladiator Challenge coming up Saturday Oct. 25.

The tournament will be at Casino Pauma in Pauma Valley. Doors open at 5p.m, and fights will begin at 7p.m. Olsen will be fighting Saad Awad for the Gladiator Challenge Lightweight World Championship.

Tickets are $50 and are available through Olsen himself. Message him at for tickets or additional information.

For footage of Olsen sparring, visit The Chaffey Breeze online. ... o/q2065837. ... 5593.shtml
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