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Postby Timothy » Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:22 pm

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Saturday morning I attended my first Kung Fu San Soo semester graduation. Unfortunately I am still a puny no color belt, BUT I earned my first yellow stripe, which means I am that much closer to causing quite a bit of damage with JUST MY LITTLE PINKY FINGER. That?s right; I will have my yellow belt. Three more months and I officially will not be on the bottom deck. However, I need to work extra hard on overcoming an issue I have with personal space. Kung Fu San Soo is a close contact martial art, meaning I literally have to be so close to my opponent I could stick out my tongue and lick him without even moving.

This form of Kung Fu teaches us not to retreat when we are attacked or when we are fighting. In other words, you kick that person?s ass until he is on the ground begging for mercy or in my case, nail him in the balls first THEN take him down. Seriously, I am learning a lot especially on how to fall correctly and that I don?t have to be rough, tough and burly to impair a 200-pound dude. ... lowed.html

So what's the deal with the yellow stripe?
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