L.A. County Instructors

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L.A. County Instructors

Postby Vincent » Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:09 am

It is extremely likely that I will be making the move from Philadelphia, PA to the L.A. County area to learn Kung-Fu San Soo in a studio. At the moment, without having visited any of them, I am considering learning from Bill Hulsey in Bellflower, Raul Ries in Diamond Bar, Jack Sera in Duarte, or Juan Meza in Whittier.

Like most people, I want to learn the art so I might be fully prepared to fight someone on the streets. I want my training to include solid fundamentals so I might best accomplish the down and dirty fighting techniques that will help me end the fight, and possibly a life, victoriously.

So, this may be a stupid question to ask as people seem loyal to their instructors, but I am seeking a recommendation for the best teacher among them. Especially, from someone who has visited more than one of the locations or seen more than one of the instructors give out lessons. I suppose, I am also willing to consider another suggestion for an instructor as well. However, what I really want to know along with the recommendation is what sets them apart in how they specifically teach Kung-Fu San Soo.

All feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated.
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