Talk at you later

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Talk at you later

Postby Arythmnmaker 1 » Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:18 pm

San Soo ?

Your full of baloney!
I don't have time to get into this now, I have rehearsal, but let's get on the mat.
Talk at you later
Mike Guerrero
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Talk at you later?

Postby Captain America » Tue Jun 17, 2008 11:20 am

Mike Guerrero wrote:
San Soo ?

San Soo Sifu... The name is San Soo Sifu...

Mike Guerrero wrote:
Your full of baloney!

First... that should be "You are" or if shortened, you would spell it "You're."

Second... just what is it that you disagree with?

Is it that you disagree with the proposition that your exhalation should be timed to the exertion of the strike or throw?

Is it that you disagree with the "Mechanics" formula?

Or do you disagree that forms are NOT meant as practice for fighting multiple opponents?

When you accuse someone of being full of baloney, however nicely put, and say that I need to go sing an aria, that's leaving accusations unfinished and essentially unanswerable... while your insult remains there, undefined and challenging.

If you actually have a valid point, it is unascertainable at this juncture because you left us hanging... not unlike the last two seminars you advertised on this forum and in your blog. You left us hanging with the charge of "You are full of baloney..."

Like I said, perhaps you will continue with making a coherent argument and prove whatever point is made... but I suggest that next time that you don't throw out a couple of insults, without explaining the reason for the insult...

Don't get me wrong, I have no objection to insults or even strong language, though I choose not to use strong language on this forum, but I don't have an objection per se, AS LONG AS THERE IS REASONED ARGUMENT TO GO ALONG WITH IT.

So I beseech you to not leave an insult hanging in the future, and to simply delay posting until you can properly post an argument to back up your point, or points.

We are essentially on the same team, Sir, and I and San Soo Sifu, and I am sure most of the readers, are quite interested in considering the San Soo principles you expound here and especially on your blog...

I am pleased that you link to this forum, and that you have chosen to post here about matters San Soo... but you need to remember that the Captain has a history of being fiercely loyal to my friends and instructor. You have currently insulted my friend and compatriot, San Soo Sifu... hence I am now writing this post to you...

You were the first San Soo Instructor to MY first San Soo Instructor, Robert Resann, so I give you basic respect based on his words, his words of praise and admiration for you... from what he remembers of the long ago past at the Woolsey Orange Studio (a few months in 1974). And I believe he was notably impressed and made to rethink some things when he met up with you "on the mat" in the early 1990's...
So I am tempering my response to your insult of SSS, because of Robert...


And I trust that your invitation to get on the mat to San Soo Sifu, is one of demonstrating your points, and not one of a "challenge," as issuing a physical challenge because you have a disagreement seems mighty extreme for the God-fearing man you present yourself to be. Again, in your haste, you did not clarify just what you meant...

I look forward to reading and benefiting from your insights, your observations, and your personal experience and history.

I hope this current bump in the road will soon be left miles behind us.

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Captain America
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...very informed statement...

Postby Arythmnmaker 1 » Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:55 am

Hi Steve Rogers,

You have reacted to my recent post about Jon's very informed statement regarding the correctness in forms training. So, I will respond to you first; however, I will do so on my own web site, as from now on.

Due to much more important matters, I did not see the urgency to reply before now. But I have set some time aside today, so I will start posting shortly. Then, if you still feel the need, we can banter from our own corner of the ring; in a manner of speaking.

Best regards,
Mike Guerrero
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The Captain is away, and doesn't have time to play!

Postby San Soo Sifu » Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:00 pm

Mike Guerrero,
Captain America (Steve Rogers) asked me to relay the following message to you. Captain America (Steve Rogers) is teaching an anti-terrorist class to Federal government workers. He will be busy doing so for the next week (7 days). So, due to much more important matters; he doesn't see the urgency in replying to you now.

Jon Surritt
(Please make a note of the correct spelling of my name.)
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...your accurate information for their training;

Postby Arythmnmaker 1 » Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:45 am

Hi Jon Surritt,

I read your post, please let Steve Rogers know that I do not see the urgency either; nothing will change in a week, in the real scheme of things. I will finish my posting on my site regarding the remainder of his inquiries. Then I can address my points regarding some of your postings, and then I will be done with all of this corresponding. It is really quite a bother to sit at the computer to pound all these words out.

From the two emails that I have received so far, I guess more people are interested in what we have to say, than is really warranted, as far as I am concerned. The San Soo community will have the opportunity to decide for themselves the validity of your perspective. As long as the student gets your accurate information for their training; that is all that really matters.

Best regards,
Mike Guerrero
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