North Hollywood school

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North Hollywood school

Postby unstpabl1 » Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:57 pm

So, I wonder if instructor's get that anyone who physically shows up at their school is a potential student? Sometimes I wonder what the fart people are thinking? As you may remember, a new school opened near me (North Hollywood, California). Very close, but I have questions about the teaching videos. So far, I have gone there six times to get more information. The first was the same night their information was posted on J.P. King's Yahoo San Soo forum. I went at the scheduled evening group class time, but no one was there. I then stopped by on a Saturday, on their schedule. I was told they were busy with privates, and to come back for the group class during the evenings. I told them I had, but no one was there. He said that he closed, if no one showed. I tried three more evenings, arriving about 5 minutes after class was suppose to start. I have seen stretching before. One time, I watched them lock the door at 6:03 p.m. So, Monday I go there during the day, which is open hours, and I catch the guy in the middle of a phone call. Now, I would have understood if he had said he was in the middle of an important call, but what he said was, I would have to come back because he was much too busy to talk to me. Attitude is everything. I told him I guess I could come back, and I had only shown up six times before, and he blew me off. Stupid, just really bad business, and I know a lot of people.
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