More fantasy from San Soo Tennessee

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More fantasy from San Soo Tennessee

Postby Captain America » Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:41 am

Khpro wrote on the San Soo Tennessee forum...

Kenny Holloway wrote:Has anybody addressed policies with students regarding sharing videos online? I think it would be really hard to control. I think about the You Tube video where Juan Mesa was showing something with an icepick. It was video taped and then the story is that the student's roomate found the video and uploaded it. Stuff like that.

Oh puh-lease!!!

Where do people get their fantasy stories?!?!?!

For the record?

This video was made by the Triad Alliance Group (TAG). Robert Resann and Sean Scott gave some suggestions and direction to Juan Meza (that is correctly spelled M-E-Z-A) of what they wanted to video tape (as well as instruction on how to make the ice pick highly toxic by applying a lethal dose of nicotine), and let Juan Meza add his own "element" to the presentation. The result was, in my never to be humble opinion, both humorous and informative and portrayed effective principles of San Soo.

The video was sent to both some folks in Hollywood (with one goal being to get a gig as combat choreographers) and to folks in Government (in this case more specifically to the CIA.) Lofty goals for sure, but considering the fact that The Triad Alliance Group was already NOT doing any of that, there was, of course, nothing to lose in trying.

Well, it's not true exactly that they were not doing any of that. TAG did have an ongoing gig with First Force Recon and First Battalion Recon on Camp Pendleton, as well as interaction with the U.S. Border Patrol, San Diego Sector, and both Los Angeles County and Orange County Sheriffs' Academies.

But who's counting?

So what "student" and what "student's roommate? is Kenny Holloway (khpro) alluding to in his post?

Who knows? Just more fantasy and imagination.

I love how people have all kinds of "knowledge" about TMI, who were never there?

This post is like the garbage that was posted not that long ago accusing San Soo Sifu and yours truly, The Captain, of leaving fake messages on Kurt Bellman's studio phone which was proven, by those who actually did do it, to NOT be true? See this particular episode and the "truth loving" (yes, that is sarcasm) San Soo people involved here!

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