Why I can never vote Democrat/Left/Liberal

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Why I can never vote Democrat/Left/Liberal

Postby Dedicated Villain » Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:44 am

I can't support a racist political party. Democrats are historically the most racist political party in US history. I like how the liberal media engages in history revisionism too. The civil war wasn't a North vs South thing. It was a Republican Vs Democrat thing. The North also had Democrats, and they owned slaves. The War was entirely about Slavery. Ask the Democratic generals/politicians.

I also laugh at the myth of the Big Switch. Never happened. Republicans have always voted in favor of laws to stop systematic racism, Democrats have historically always majority voted against it. Now the Racist Dems have rebrand their racism and slave plantation like living with welfare and unpoliced ghettos. Why can't anyone see this? I'm not making this up! This is public domain historical knowledge! Now they've duped blacks and minorities into thinking they for them but obviously they've done everything they can to control them.
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